Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register my business with Osun Internal Revenue Service ?

Kindly visitĀ  your closest Tax Station .If you reside outside Osun, kindly contact Mrs Okeyode, our Headquarters Tax Station Manager on 08132341112. You can also chat with us on our dedicated Whatsapp customer care line 08189697104.

I'm Self-employed, how do I collect Tax Clearance?

Kindly visit your closet Tax Station and obtain an Assessment form. Ensure the tax fillings for your organization with OIRS is up to date.

How do I verify my Tax Receipt?

Receipt verification can be done by using any QR Scanner App on your mobile phone to scan the QR Code on the top most left corner of the Automated Revenue Receipt (ARR) .

I am a business owner how do I determine the taxes to pay?

Kindly visit your closet Tax station in respect of the appropriate Personal Income Tax to be paid. Owners of schools, Hospitals, Maternity homes, Pharmacist’s e.t.c are served harmonized bills every January. Renewal, business premises,Environmental fieldsĀ  are all indicated in the bills.
Kindly contact the MDA department at the headquarters for any enquiries on the bills.

How do I file my tax returns ?

Kindly use the tax returns menu on the page to download the annual returns template and online submission.

How do I pay my tax?

Upon the profiling of your organization , you can do a direct transfer to any of the government revenue account. Forward the evidence of payment and the purpose of the payment to IRS, This will be used to generate your revenue receipt which will be forwarded back to your mail.

How do I obtain my Tax Identification Number ?

Kindly use online TIN application form on the website.

How do I pay my Land Use Charge ?

Properties in Osun are served with Land Use Charge Bills every year. For further enquiry contact the Land Use charge Office (LUC) at our Head quarters.

How do I renew my vehicle papers in Osun ?

Kindly visit any of our Motor Licensing offices for the renewal of your Vehicle License, Road worthiness and your third party Motor Vehicle Insurance.

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